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pdf P: An ORM-Driven Implementation Framework for Database Federations

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An ORM-Driven Implementation Framework for Database Federations


Herman Balsters and Bouke Haarsma: University of Groningen, The Netherlands

Abstract. Database federations are employed more and more in situations involving virtual and integrated information on demand, e.g., real-time integration of two databases. Heterogeneity in hardware and software platforms, as well heterogeneity in underlying semantics of participating local databases, makes it a hard challenge to design a consistent and well-performing global database federation. The ORM modeling framework allows not only for precise modeling of a data federation, but also hosts tools for reverse engineering, enabling local databases to recapture their intended meanings on a linguistic basis. We will demonstrate how ORM models together with reverse engineering techniques can be used in combination with actual, industrial-strength implementation platforms to develop semantically consistent and high performance database federations.

LNCS 5872, p. 659 ff.

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