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pps P: A Simplified Common ORM Metamodel- Discussion Draft

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Date Added: Wed, Nov 11 2009

NOTE: File updated on 26 July 2010. The corrupted pdf file has been replaced with a pps file.

Serge Valera (European Space Agency) with Terry Halpin(NORMA), Matt Curland(NORMA) & Inge Lemmens(PNA).

This draft is for communication purposes, to clarify ORM semantics, and covers only a basic core of the metamodel

(ignores units, structured data types, structured derivation rules etc.).


A more complete metamodel designed to optimize model exchange is to be completed later.


This metamodel assumes syntactical completeness (e.g. some mandatory constraints may be violated when in the process of building a model) 

Although UUIDs are used for key elements to facilitate model merging, versioning, and reuse, the metamodel assumes each model instance

owns all its elements. The metamodel can easily be extended to cater for reuse of components from external models.


The delegates at the workshop agreed to set up a group of experts to produce such an exchange schema.



Bernard Valentin said:

I am wondering if the problem is on my side or in the PDF document. In most of the pages I only see tiny (completely unreadable) figures. Can someone confirm this ? Thank you. Bernard Valentin
Tue, Jan 26 2010 5:24

pcarbonn said:

Yes, I have the same problem reading this PDF file. Could someone fix this ?
Mon, Jul 12 2010 8:15
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