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pps P: Fact Based Modelling and the European Space Agency

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This presentation shows the role of fact based modelling in supporting the development of space systems at the European Space Agency.(ESA)

ESA has a complex data environment that involves a large number of partners. Some say that the ESA data management problem is a superset of most of the data management problems that exist in smaller organisations. ESA data is distributed around the world in different time zones across government agencies, industrial companies and research centers. Many ESA projects span decades and each phase of a space system project may involve many different partners.

Thus, ESA's challenge is to ensure that data is available in a consistent manner to all the partners that are involved over the full space system life cycle.
ESA aims to use fact based modeling to produce database applications by:

 * providing methods and tools for data modeling
 * tailoring their software engineering standard for the purpose of developing database systems.
 * supporting the exchange of database products

This presentaion was prepared by Serge Valera (ESA), Inge Lemmens (PNA Group) and Francesco Sgaramella(Space Software Italia)



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