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This is the programme for the International Workshop on Fact-Oriented Modeling held in Hersonissou, Crete, Greece October 27-29 , 2020. This year we have contributors from Finland, The Netherlands, Indonesia...
Wed, Oct 27 2010 262 Download
File Size 47.5kB
Using Object Role Modeling in a Service-oriented Data Integration Project Presentation of a paper by: Ilkka Melleri, Aalto University School of Science and Technology (Finland) Abstract . Communication...
Fri, Oct 29 2010 297 Download
File Size 1.3MB
Real-time Integration of Geo-data in ORM Herman Balsters, University of Groningen (The Netherlands) Chris Klaver, University of Groningen (The Netherlands) George Huitema, University of Groningen, and...
Sun, Oct 31 2010 252 Download
File Size 544.5kB
Information Grammar for Patterns (IGP) for Pattern Language of Data Model Patterns Based on Fully Communication Oriented Information Modeling (FCO-IM) Fazat Nur Azizah, Bandung Institute of Technology...
Fri, Oct 29 2010 181 Download
File Size 696.1kB
Literacy and Data Modeling Ron McFadyen, University of Winnipeg (Canada) Susan Birdwise, University of Manitoba (Canada) Abstract . Reading and assimilating information in documents is a necessity of modern...
Fri, Oct 29 2010 216 Download
File Size 760.9kB
The Graphity Tool for Fact-Oriented Modeling Misja Nabben and Arnoud van Bers (HAN University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands) Note: This is a PDF presentation in standard Zip format
Fri, Oct 29 2010 254 Download
File Size 1.4MB
A Metamodel for Master Data Baba Piprani, MetaGlobal Systems (Canada) Suneil Dham, Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (Canada) Abstract . The term ‘Master Data' brings up different...
Fri, Oct 29 2010 448 Download
File Size 1.1MB
ORM and MDM/MMS Integration in an Enterprise Level Conceptual Data Model Necito dela Cruz, Boston Scientific Corporation (USA) Patricia Schiefelbein, Boston Scientific Corporation (USA) Kris Anderson,...
Fri, Oct 29 2010 282 Download
File Size 881.3kB
A Fact-Based Meta Model for Standardization Documents Peter Bollen, Maastricht University (The Netherlands) Abstract . Recently, the OMG has been working on developing a new standard for a Business Process...
Fri, Oct 29 2010 304 Download
File Size 569.1kB
Mapping ORM to Datalog: An Overview Terry Halpin, LogicBlox (Australia) and INTI International University (Malaysia) Matthew Curland, LogicBlox (USA) Kurt Stirewalt, LogicBlox (USA) Navin Viswanath, LogicBlox...
Fri, Oct 29 2010 372 Download
File Size 995.4kB
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