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Real-time Integration of Geo-data in ORM Herman Balsters, University of Groningen (The Netherlands) Chris Klaver, University of Groningen (The Netherlands) George Huitema, University of Groningen, and...
Sun, Oct 31 2010 252 Download
File Size 544.5kB
Mapping ORM to Datalog: An Overview Terry Halpin, LogicBlox (Australia) and INTI International University (Malaysia) Matthew Curland, LogicBlox (USA) Kurt Stirewalt, LogicBlox (USA) Navin Viswanath, LogicBlox...
Fri, Oct 29 2010 371 Download
File Size 995.4kB
Subtyping and Derivation Rules in Fact-Based Modeling Peter Bollen, Maastricht University (The Netherlands) Abstract . In this paper we will reflect on the derivation rule modeling concept and we will...
Fri, Oct 29 2010 184 Download
File Size 426.8kB
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