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ppt P08 A Metamodel for Orchestrating Service Requirements in an SQL-environment

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Date Added: Wed, Oct 26 2011


Abstract. Orchestration and Choreography often form the fundamental backbone for delivery of services in a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). In a service based application environment, services need to be able to manipulate persistent data---usually in a stable structured SQL-environment. These service requests to data access services should not be one-of or tailor-made. They need to be reusable. The realization of the dynamic service orchestration requirements often necessitates a corresponding requirement for dynamic on-demand assembly of SQL-modules consisting of re-usable stored procedure modules, User Defined Functions, and including dynamic SQL stored procedures. An ORM/NIAM metamodel is shown that can support the realization of a "provider" model that is able to dynamically assemble the SQL-implementation components to form an SQL-implementation orchestration model to satisfy the dynamic requirements of the service based orchestrations. The implementation of this model is parameter driven, thus allowing provider component-sets to replace individually tailored modules for SQL data manipulation.

Presented by:

Baba Piprani, MetaGlobal Systems (Canada)
Suneil Dham, Office of the Superintendent of Financial Systems (Canada)



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