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pptx P02 Applying some Fact Oriented Modelling Principles to Business Process Modelling

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Date Added: Wed, Oct 3 2012

Abstract. In the context of a business process modelling task within a government department, an adapted version of the first two steps of fact oriented modelling has been proposed as an alternative strategy in the initial stage of business processes knowledge elicitation activities.

As expertise and knowledge on organisational processes and procedures are in many cases implicit and embodied by support staff – rather than by highly skilled knowledge workers – it is extremely important to adopt an more accessible method to facilitate the elicitation and validation steps.

This paper presents how a small scale experiment has been set up, its results and lessons learnt. Even if a thorough evaluation was out of scope, the experiment sufficiently demonstrated the strength of the analysis by natural language as included in the fact oriented modelling methodology.

Presenter: Peter Spyns: Vlaamse overhead (Belgium)



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