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pptx P03 Exploring the benefits of collaboration between Business Process Models and Fact Based Modeling – ORM

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Date Added: Wed, Oct 3 2012

Abstract. Companies are continually striving to reduce issues leading to failed projects and the costs associated with them. The use and collaboration of business process mapping and ORM data modeling can help improve the success rate of a project.

This project incorporated lean business practice deliverables such as business process maps along with ORM data models.

The output from the two sessions revealed a gap in knowledge around business rules which led to the creation of decision tables. The knowledge gained from the three components (process maps, ORM models and business rules) had numerous benefits including cross-validation of models, increased user involvement, definition of user acceptance tests, and ease in eliciting requirements.

The collaboration of business process and data modeling drives accuracy and efficiency in requirements and can reduce or eliminate many of the issues identified as causes of failed projects.

Necito dela Cruz, Connie Holker: Boston Scientific Corporation (USA)


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