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pdf P04 The Formalization of ORM2 and its Encoding in OWL2

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Date Added: Wed, Oct 3 2012

Abstract. This paper introduces ORM2plus – a new linear syntax and complete semantics expressed in first order logic of ORM2 – which can be shown correctly embedding the original proposal. A provably correct encoding of the core fragment ORM2zero in the ALCQI description logic (a fragment of OWL2 with qualified cardinality restrictions and inverse roles) is presented.

Complexity of reasoning on ORM2 conceptual schemas, and the ExpTime-membership of reasoning on ORM2zero, are also shown.

On the basis of these results, a systematic critique of alternative approaches to the formalisation of ORM2 in (description) logics published so far is provided. A prototype has been implemented providing a backend for the automated support of implicit constraints deduction, schema consistency checks, and user-defined constraints entailment, for ORM2zero conceptual schemas along with its translation into ALCQI knowledge bases.

Authors:  Enrico Franconi, Alessandro Mosca, Dmitry Solomakhin: Free University of Bozen-Bolzano (Italy)


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