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P11 How Modeling Decisions Affect SQL Code Implementation – A Use Case

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Date Added: Wed, Oct 3 2012

Abstract: Like any other modelling or development environment, there exist several modelling style choices in arriving at a Fact Based Model (FBM) schema. What is interesting is that choosing different modelling styles in modelling the same semantics directly affects the degree of programming code developmental efforts.

A Use Case portraying an actual situation is shown where moving from a commonly used approach in modelling temporal based facts to a deeper structure of involved semantic relationships resulted in a marked difference in the reduction of SQL code development.

This paper also highlights the dangers of a possible gap and loss of knowledge between the human roles during the process of semantic transforms from an ORM/NIAM model FBM schema to SQL development. A lessons-learned summary lists some of the real-world compromises, and highlights danger areas using ‘traditional’ Fact Based Modelling practices during implementation.

Author: Baba Piprani, MetaGlobal Systems (Canada)



Anonymous said:

Hi...there seems to be a problem with the link to this paper. Could you see into this? Thanks
Fri, Nov 2 2012 9:46

Ken Evans said:

Sorry about that, I'm looking into it. Ken
Tue, Nov 20 2012 12:18

Ken Evans said:

Well I finally tracked down the problem. The application was running out of disk space on the server.
Tue, Nov 20 2012 14:41

Anonymous said:

The link still seems to be failing from here.
Sun, May 19 2013 7:48
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