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Date Added: Wed, Sep 7 2011

ORM LITE is a light-weight, open-source ORM tool that implements most of the ORM 2 notation. New features: simpler to learn, easier to use, improved Rmap, improved verbalizer, new Entry Sequence Diagram, new ability to merge object types, better help. Please try out this new release and help us to improve this introductory-level ORM tool. 

What’s New in v0.12d?

This release is focused on making the tool easier to use for new users (especially for students). The "ORM Quick Start" available from the help menu explains how to create diagrams, describes the most essential scripts, and provides ease-of-use short cuts for common operations. Rmap is available at the click of a button as is a new "Entry Sequence Diagram" that shows the implications of mandatory constraint decisions on database use. (Did you really want to require that all of those facts be entered at the same time?)

One of most common problems that beginners encounter: creating two different Object Types when they intended to have two graphics for the same Object Type, is now easily found and fixed. (To find the problem, just click on the "Repeat Object Type" button and look for duplicates. To fix it, select one of the duplicates and run the "Combine Duplicate Object Types" script.)  This can also be used to combine two Object Type that are later discovered to be the same. (Simple make the Name and RefMode identical and then use the script to combine them.)

An ORM verbalizer that is included that will work on Binary Fact Types and Object Types.

Rmap's naming of columns and tables has been improved. 

Important features:


Rmap and SQL generation are included. A Relational Tables diagram is automatically created and updated by Rmap. Indices are created for most uniqueness constraints. The implementation includes table baseline and migration assistance. The Relational Tables diagram is included because it provides a concise summary of the ORM model and because we felt that the value of ORM/Rmap would be easier to understand and demonstrate through experimentation with a visual representation.


The tool supports entry of Sample Data for each Fact Type and includes a Verbalizer window, both of which are vital for new modelers.


Our Strategy


ORM LITE was created to help popularize ORM. It is open source software, so it can be shared at no cost. It is completely self-contained, so it is easy to install. It is cross-platform, working on Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and Unix. When users are ready to upgrade to an industrial strength tool, NORMA is recommended


ORM LITE is scriptable. It is hoped that ORM practitioners will be interested in using ORM LITE to develop and test new ORM related algorithms.


ORM LITE is currently being tested for use with the GanttPV Server. This will make it easier to share models among team members. Model changes are tracked and can be shared via the server.


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