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zip Version22, ORM2_Draw2 Visio stencil and templates

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Date Added: Wed, Aug 14 2013

Version 22 adds three enhancements more-or-less recently made to ORM2 uniqueness-constraint shapes; they are accessible here via the shape's context menu: 1) for external uniqueness constraints, setting of the join semantics to either inner join, outer join, or mixed (i.e., both inner and outer joins: see Dr. Halpin's EMMSAD 2013 paper "Modeling of Reference Schemes"); 2) "partial" preferred-identifier uniqueness constraint, for optional use on "part" of a disjunctive reference scheme that has an exclusion constraint between two or more of its optional components (see Dr. Halpin's and Matt Curland's 2013 ORM Workshop paper, "Recent Enhancements to ORM"); and 3) use of the external U.C. with a dot in the center, to signify "unique-and-mandatory-where-true" (a type of constraint introduced in the 2007 ORM Workshop paper "Reduction Transformations in ORM", by Halpin, Carver, and Owen, which used however an earlier notation).

Version 22 is also the first to pull out into special, dedicated template files, the macro added in version 21 for updating fact type and object type shapes: This is to limit file-size for new ORM diagrams. The Installation Notes have been revised, as have the "Version-1-named" template files (included in the sub-zip-file: see the Installation Notes).

The ORM2_Draw2 Visio stencil for ORM diagrams is an updating and upgrading of the ORM2_Draw Visio stencil which itself resulted from ORM stencil development by various people, including Peter Ritson, Terry Halpin, and Andy Carver. It is an updating in that it updates (for Visio 11, 12, and ff.) the Table shape, and includes the deontic constraints and value-comparison constraints. It is an upgrading in that it adds built-in shadowing (for fact types and object types), built-in text-arrows (for fact types), built-in constraint-connectors, and some adjustable-arity fact types, as well as several relatively minor upgrades and fixes, including internal and external frequency constraints. Since version 1, many other improvements have been added (see the readme file).

Version 1's stencil (.vss) and template (.vst) files were created, based on ORM2_Draw, during the Winter of 2008-9, by Andy Carver with the help and supervision of Dr. Terry Halpin. The files have been tested and used pretty extensively in both Visio 10 (2002) and Visio 12 (2007).

Latest ReadMe text-file date: 21 August 2013.


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