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zip Version24, ORM2_Draw2 Visio stencil and templates

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Posted By: Andy Carver Views: 2,113
Date Added: Fri, Sep 12 2014

Version 24 adds to each constraint shape a context-menu item to change the shape from "Asserted" to "Derived" or vice versa. The "Derived" setting changes the color of the constraint shape to a green (specifically, RGB(0,147,66)) chosen by Terry Halpin to represent derived constraints. Version 24 also gives the ability to color the constraint shape any color you like, thru the Format menu; but also, to restore its original color-functionality by simply changing the shape from "Asserted" to "Derived" or vice versa.

Also the readMe file has been re-structured for better usability. After a brief introduction to the ORM2_Draw2 Visio solution, it contains these sections:

- Revision history

- Installation notes

- How to use the new features

- Some unavoidable anomalies, and work-arounds for them

- Some additional and/or more-technical notes



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