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zip Version25, ORM2_Draw2 Visio stencil and templates

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Date Added: Mon, Nov 28 2016

 Version 25 adds these features:

  • All solution files are included in both the older, Visio 2002 file-format, and the later, Visio 2003-2010 file-format: thus, anyone still using Visio 2002 can utilize the above new features, but those using Visio 2013 or later can resolve some format-compatibility issues that arose with using the 2002 format
  • You have the option of running the object-type-checking and shadow-setting macro on only the "model" of the current page, rather than necessarily including object-type shapes from ALL the current diagram-file's pages
  • There is rolename support built into the fact type shapes (except unaries) -- i.e., direct adding of auxiliary text to a fact-type rolebox: this puts the text into correct rolename font-color automatically, and keeps the text together with the rolebox when moving or rotating the shape

 To download the Version 25 solution you need to copy this link and paste it into the address bar of your browser:!AkeiYlM3TByIox34DuVZh6EVdx7e




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