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pdf VisioModeler Tool with Instructions (see note)

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Date Added: Fri, Nov 23 2007

Note:  28 July 2010:   VisioModeler is once more available as a free download from the Microsoft website. 

This file explains the procedure for getting to the Microsoft website from where you can get a FREE download of the VisioModeler ORM tool.

VisioModeler is not supported. The download contains a useful guide to FORML - the original ORM language.

The FORML notation is now superseded by the ORM2 notation. Some of the changes are cosmetic but ORM2 also includes new features that are not available in ORM1. Terry Halpin's 2008 book "Information Modeling and Relational Databases: Second Edition" (see home page) describes ORM 2 which is implemented in the new NORMA tool.

Installation notes
1: - VisioModeler may not run under Vista. (not tested)
2: - VisioModeler can be made to run under Windows 7 - see separate file.

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