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Last post Wed, Apr 22 2015 12:25 by berhanu seyoum. 2 replies.
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  • Sat, Apr 18 2015 12:35

    ORM to UML

     Is there any way around it? I am trying to convert an ORM model into a UML, and It seems that I have  ran into a situation similar to the one described on page 404 " Information Modeling and Data Base Design", Second Editon. Where the attribute itself has its own attributes, is there any way around it except to attach a note on the UML diagram?

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  • Sat, Apr 18 2015 15:20 In reply to

    Re: ORM to UML

     The workaround I use is to create a class for the attribute. For the example on p. 404, create a class called PersonTitle and give it an attribute called "value" or "text" to record the actual title, and add another attribute called "restrictedGender" then add a textual constraint (e.g. in OCL) to capture the constraint expressed in ORM as a join subset constraint. 

    I know this is an ugly workaround, but at least it works. 



  • Wed, Apr 22 2015 12:25 In reply to

    Re: ORM to UML

    Thank you so much, yes it is ugly but I will do that,  

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