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Display Role Name

Last post Fri, Sep 7 2007 11:49 by Kevin M. Owen. 1 replies.
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  • Fri, Aug 31 2007 11:49

    • JO3Y
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    Display Role Name

    I'm trying to follow the directions to recreate the diagram in Lab 4, slide 24
    In the model notes there is a textual constraint:
    For each Project: existing completionDate >= startDate
    I believe startDate and completionDate are supposed to be role names. in the PPT, these are shown as bracketed blue text by the respective FactTypes. I can't get these labels to display on the diagram. For both fact types, I set DisplayRoleNames to On, and set their respective Note properties to startDate and completionDate. 
    Also the fact types are named ProjectStartedOnDate and ProjectCompletedOnDate. Is there a way to rename them so that they are startDate and completionDate ?
    The PPT shows footnote numbers refering to the textual constraint in the model note; I don't expect to recreate them since it is stated on the previous slide that footnoting is not yet supported. Likewise for the * in the derivation rule for 'is completed'
    However, it concerns me that there are boldface keywords shown that do not display in the text that I added to the notes. Does this mean I am doing something wrong?
  • Fri, Sep 7 2007 11:49 In reply to

    • Kevin M. Owen
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    RE: Display Role Name

    To set the role names, you can click on the individual role (not the fact type), and set the Name property.
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