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Cannot Save Solution!!

Last post Sun, Feb 24 2008 0:19 by Matthew Curland. 1 replies.
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  • Thu, Feb 21 2008 9:05

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    Cannot Save Solution!!

    This is related to my earlier posting about the error that was thrown when clearing an Entity name.   As I mentioned I lost a few hours of work because (I thought) the VS recovery process overwrote my manual saves.  However, I see things differently now because as I recreate the work I have lost I can see that I ctrl-S (save) is disabled at the Menu and Toolbar.  The Save All toolbar button is enabled but has no affect.  
    When I attempt to close the solution VS asks me if I want to save the solution which, of course, I do however it does not save and the solution does not close.
    I am running Vista Ultimate and VS 2008 Standard on a 4 quad Intel machine with 4 gigs of ram.
  • Sun, Feb 24 2008 0:19 In reply to

    RE: Cannot Save Solution!!

    I'm sorry you lost work with this issue. I've made a couple of modifications in changeset 1226 that will hopefully remedy this situation. Here are a few issues that you probably hit here:
    1) If you open an old file format in NORMA then the file is automatically upgraded through one or more transforms. The save button is then disabled to prevent you from overwriting your old file without a 'Save As'. This had been a silent process, and VS does not beep if a command is disabled, so you could hit Ctrl-S as many times as you like with no effect.
    2) A new file with a DB import was treated as an import, so Save again had no effect.
    3) AFAIK, the VS auto-save mechanism is tied tightly to its IVsTextBuffer mechanism. The ORM designer (actually, an DSLTools-based designer) is not a text buffer, and does not get auto-saved like a code file. I researched this once and didn't get very far, but the VS SDK is a huge API and it is quite possible I missed something.
    With the current changes:
    New files will never disable the Save button, and you will get the following message for upgraded files:
    The file format of 'FILENAME' has been automatically upgraded to a new version.
    Should the 'Save' command be disabled to preserve the original file contents? The 'Save As' command will remain enabled.
    This way, you will know that you need to do a Save As (or make a backup choose No to the prompt).
    See other comments on asserts in your other thread.
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