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Extended Properties

Last post Thu, May 15 2008 13:39 by Matthew Curland. 4 replies.
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  • Mon, Mar 31 2008 0:30

    Sad [:(] Extended Properties

    I can create an extended property, but I cannot assign an extendede property to some mdoel object.

    For example I can create an extendeed proerty 'BUsiness Steward", but I cannot assign

    a "Business Steward" to any object, fact type or constraint.



  • Thu, Apr 3 2008 14:58 In reply to

    Re: Extended Properties

    I did some adhoc testing in extended properties and found some issues:

    1. If you've used machine properties at all in the past then the file is out of date. Shut down Visual Studio, then make sure the C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Neumont\ORM\GroupsAndDefinitions.xml has its namespace set to instead of The .orm file upgrades automatically, but the machine file does not. This can cause problems if you're using settings previously stored on the machine. I will obviously need to apply the import transform to this file as well as the .orm file.
    2. If the machine file has 'Default' groups and properties in it, then these will not be loaded unless you select an ORM diagram, open the 'PropertiesEditor' dialog in the VS 'Properties Window', then hit 'Save' (even if you haven't made any changes).
    3. Clicking the 'Add Property' button in the dialog when there is no group selected will crash the dialog.

    In general, to add a custom property (without involving the machine settings):

    1. Turn on the 'Custom Properties' extension in the Extension Manager
    2. Click on the diagram and open the 'PropertiesEditor' available on the VS 'Properties Window' (F4 will get you there)
    3. Select the 'Model' node
    4. Click the green + button to add a group
    5. Click the pencil 'Add Property' button (to the right of 'Add Group' button)
    6. Set the properties of your custom property, including where you want the property displayed (EntityType, etc). If you want a custom category in the properties window, then use something other than 'Default'
    7. Save

    You should now see the property in the properties window for the type of model element specified in #6. Note that custom properties will verbalize only if they have non-default values. This is a much more extensive change than fixing the bugs above (extension properties are only in the model when they have non-default values. Verbalizing elements not in the model is custom code, and there is no current way to hook this mechanism to verbalize non-existent extension elements. However, I would like to look at this in the future and provide the option of verbalizing non-default elements)

    Let me know if this fixes your issue. If not, please send me the .orm file and the GroupsAndDefinitions.xml file that is causing you problems.


  • Sat, Apr 5 2008 22:07 In reply to

    Re: Extended Properties

    I found the file, but it was located elsewhere. I am using Vista. c:\Program Data\Nemont\ORM.

    The content of the file was corrent.

    I did create the the extended property on objects, etc..

    I still cannot see it in the properties window to give it a value.

    Before, I send the files, I thought maybe it the vista location issue.



  • Mon, Apr 7 2008 14:11 In reply to

    Re: Extended Properties

    The directory is located using the


    call, which will complete insulate from operating system variations. If the file exists, then we wrote it and we'll be able to find it. Please send the files that aren't working (you can send them privately) and I'll take a look. -Matt

  • Thu, May 15 2008 13:39 In reply to

    Re: Extended Properties

    This was eventually "fixed" by launching VS2008 as an Administrator on Pat's machine. We have not managed to reproduce this problem on other boxes, but would like to know if it happens for others as well. The weird thing is that the 'PropertiesEditor' property, which is appearing correctly, is displayed using the same extension mechanism as the specified extension properties, which are not appearing. We'll keep pushing for a local repro case. -Matt

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