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The Stuff of Thought

Last post Sat, May 31 2008 10:11 by Pat Hallock. 3 replies.
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  • Wed, Apr 30 2008 19:58

    The Stuff of Thought


    As the methods of Object Role Modeling rely as heavly on language, as they do on logic, I'd like to suggest an accessible book on the nature of language:

    The stuff of thought : language as a window into human nature
        Pinker, Steven, 1954-
    "In this book, Steven Pinker explains how the mind works by examining the way we use words. Pinker takes on scientific questions - such as how language affects thought, and which of our concepts are innate - as well as questions from the headlines and everyday life,

    Publisher: Viking,
    Pub date: c2007.
    Pages: ix, 499 p. :
    ISBN: 9780670063277

    I haven't had a chance to read through the entire book, but have found the the content and style enjoyable and useful in considering the issues raised in Fact Based conceptual modeling.


  • Sat, May 31 2008 1:17 In reply to

    Re: The Stuff of Thought

    I purchased a Kindle version of the book from Amazon. I am enjoying this book. The examples are really down the earth. I would also recommend the book to people interested in semantics from childhood - on to my old age.

    Patrick Hallock

  • Sat, May 31 2008 1:39 In reply to

    • JParrish
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    Re: The Stuff of Thought

     Sorry.. not on subject.. but I've been eyeing the kindle for a little while. How do you like it? The price seems just above what I think it should be but I am strongly considering purchasing one.

  • Sat, May 31 2008 10:11 In reply to

    Re: The Stuff of Thought

    I like it. It holds about 200 books, with an SD it holds much more. The screen is easy to read. You can adjust the font size. You can write a document in Word, email that to Amazon and they will send back a Kindle version for free. Using a USB connection you can then copy your document to the Kindle device. It remembers where you left off. It has a built in dictionary. You can add your notes to a book. You can create 'my clippings' if you want to use those for some purtpose. It has a cell-phone type keyboard, but it is larger - your thumbs will get a workout. You can download a book directly from the Kindle site from anywhere a cell phone works - it is not WIFI. The only downside is images can be too small to read or see in detail. 

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