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What are the origins of ORM?

Last post Mon, May 12 2008 4:33 by Ken Evans. 0 replies.
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  • Mon, May 12 2008 4:33

    • Ken Evans
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    What are the origins of ORM?

    The roots of logic and deductive reasoning are to be found in the writings of Aristotle (384 BC - 322 BC) in a collection known as "The Organon".  Aristotle's ideas formed the basis of logical thought until the 19th Century when writers such as De Morgan (1847), Boole (1854), Cantor (1874) and Frege (1884) introduced new ideas into mathematics and logic.

    As part of the research for my dissertation, I compiled the following table. My aim is to provide the beginnings of a navigation path back through history to better understand the foundations of ORM. I don't claim that the table is complete; it is just the result of what I have learned during my limited period of research.

    Please feel free to suggest amendments or additions.





    Aristotle circa 340 BC


    De Morgan (1848)

    Universe of Discourse

    Boole (1854)

    Boolean Logic

    Cantor (1874)

    Set Theory (naïve)

    Dedekind (1874)

    The "Dedekind Cut" irrational numbers vs rational numbers
    Met Cantor in Interlaken in 1874


    Axiomatic predicate logic

    Russell (1901)

    Type theory (avoids paradoxes in naive set theory)

    Hilbert (1900)

    23 unsolved fundamental mathematical questions

    Zermelo (1904)

    The well-ordering theorem of sets

    Fraenkel  (1922)

    Improved Zermelo's axiom system

    Skolem (1922)

    Improved Zermelo's axiom system

    Zermelo-Fraenkel axioms(1930)

    Avoid paradoxes in naive set theory

    Gödel (1931)

    Incompleteness theorem

    Tarski (1931)
    Tarski (1933)

    First-order theory of real numbers
    Theory of truth for formalized languages

    Codd (1970)

    The relational model

    Kripke (1972)

    Truth & the nature of identity

    Senko et al (1973)

    Data structures and accessing in data base systems

    Abrial (1974)

    Data structures

    Falkenberg (1976)

    Concepts for modeling information

    Nijssen (1977)

    On the gross architecture for the next generation of database management systems.

    Halpin (1989)

    PhD Thesis on formalising object-role modeling

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