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Assertion Failed

Last post Mon, May 25 2009 6:37 by Matthew Curland. 2 replies.
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  • Mon, May 11 2009 17:34

     I managed to hit an Assertion Failed in a repeatable manner.


    I remembered reading something about being able to hold the CNTRL key when adding multiple fact types from the toolbox. That had never worked for me, but I found a way to get it to do so:  if I continue to hold control, and move the cursor over the toolbox and back, it allows me to add another fact type without clicking the toolbox again.


    When this method is done to add ten new binary fact types - holding the CNTRL key down for all ten -it hits the assertion shown in the attached image



  • Mon, May 11 2009 19:49 In reply to

    Re: Assertion Failed


    Interesting scenario. I actually didn't know you could hold done the control key to get the same item multiple times, so I'll need to look at the scenario.

    This has absolutely nothing to do with the number of FactTypes. The (benign) assert is just saying that an active toolbox item is not expected at this point. To reproduce the assert:

    1. Hold the control key down
    2. (Click method)
      1. Click a FactType in the toolbox
      2. Click on the diagram
      3. Start to drag a role
    3. (Drag method)
      1. Drag a FactType off the toolbox onto the diagram
      2. Drag a role, drop on the diagram somewhere
      3. Drag the role again

     Thanks for the heads up,


    PS As mentioned in the readme, when you see an assert dialog, you can simply press 'Ctrl-C' to get the text content of the dialog. You don't need to go to the trouble of attaching a bitmap. The text is a lot easier to search as well.

  • Mon, May 25 2009 6:37 In reply to

    Re: Assertion Failed

    The assert was benign, I turned it off. Fixed in May 2009 CTP.


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