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NORMA VS2010 HTML report queries/bugs

Last post Fri, Dec 2 2011 18:15 by Anonymous. 2 replies.
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  • Fri, Dec 2 2011 7:08

    NORMA VS2010 HTML report queries/bugs

    Hi Matt, I have a few queries/bug reports regarding the NORMA generated HTML report.

    In the ConstraintValidationReport, why is there a checkbox for each constraint? I assume this may be something to do with showing the report to a client so that they can agree or disagree with the propositions made by checking or unchecking a checkbox. If this is the case, then there is no facility available to save the changes to the report – which I can imagine for large reports might cause some frustration.


    1. In Internet Explorer, the styling of the report changes slightly between the ConstraintValidationReport and the ObjectTypeList page

    2. In browsers other than Internet Explorer (I tested in Firefox and Chrome) the Verbalization Report Contents menu only links to the “Object Types” page

    3. In browsers other than Internet Explorer, when you click the “Up” arrow next to the name of the role in the ConstraintValidationReport, you are taken to an incorrect directory.



  • Fri, Dec 2 2011 17:00 In reply to

    Re: NORMA VS2010 HTML report queries/bugs

    Hi Tom,

    The checkboxes are directed more toward a validated printout than online. This is a static html page at this point after all, so there is no tracking of the checks.

    As for the bugs:

    1. Could you be a little more specific? They look the same to me.
    2. This is a problem with the .topHeader style, which needs an overflow:hidden
    3. Not sure why this works in IE, actually. The hard link to the object types page uses the same text snippet as the individual fact type pages. The problem is that they're in different directories, so ./* works in one and ../* works in the other. This will take a new snippet and (minor) code change to account for the issue.

    As a temporary fix, the attached xml file can be used to fix the format problem and remove the check box.

    1. Copy the attached fixed.txt file to PROGRAMFILES\ORM Solutions\ORM Architect for Visual Studio 20xx\Xml\Verbalization\HtmlReport\fixed.xml (note extension change from attached file)
    2. In VS, open the options dialog (tools/options menu) to the ORM Designer page
    3. Choose the 'Alternate Verbalization Text' property in the Verbalization section
    4. Open the dropdown for the property
    5. Under Report Verbalization/HTML Report Settings check the Build in Fixes item
    6. Close the dialog and rebuild your report

    You can see the full set of snippets in HtmlReport/_default.xml. Note that editing this file directly has no effect, this is informational only, but you can pull any snippet out and override it in another xml file.


  • Fri, Dec 2 2011 18:15 In reply to

    Re: NORMA VS2010 HTML report queries/bugs

    1. Sure no problem. I've attached two images showing the difference. Upon a bit of further testing I noticed that when I first open the ConstraintValidationReport.html page in IE, the gold underline (border-bottom property) for .topHeader is not visible, the header for the page is not visible and "Fact Type" is not visible either. However if I resize the window then appear - but if I refresh the page then they dissapear again.Weird. To help see the differences, I suggest that you flick between the images quite quickly so you can see the content of the page changing.
    2. n/a
    3. Yeah, it's definitely strange how it works in IE. I tried to fix the problem myself a few days ago but I ran into the same problem you had due to the files being in different directories.


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