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Thank you

Last post Mon, Mar 28 2016 22:41 by Terry Halpin. 2 replies.
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  • Mon, Mar 28 2016 18:28

    Thank you

    Dear  Ken, 

    It all finally came to fruition the board of Liverpool Univesity, online program has finally awarded  me with Masters  degree in software engineering  with merit . I have included below the front page of the research paper, the title and part of  the acknowledgement page.

    I am very grateful for all your help in my research. I want to also like to express my deepest gratitude to the ORM group especially Professor Terry Halpin.  The research would not have been possible with out your guidance and patient correction when I lost direction.

    I will never forget how much it meant to me  and how encouraging it was that you could sacrifice your time to consider looking at my emails, and models . Your consideration was like a beacon of hope, as I was at the lowest point of my life because I was  confronted with series of health issues.  


    Thank you so much again!!!,


    Yours truly,

    Berhanu Seyoum


                   Towards Ambiguity- Free Conceptual Data Modeling


                                                            Berhanu Seyoum

    Many research has been done with regards to ambiguity in natural language   specification in requirement documents. Based on the description as the basis of data modeling several solutions had been recommended and applied starting from automating the natural language in which the document itself  is written in. This problem is context dependent ambiguity, which occurs less frequently than context independent ambiguity, which requires knowledge of the domain of discourse. Again the solution using description approach has not taken into consideration the requirement documents written in high context cultures and languages. Little attention has also been given to software engineering ambiguity that may arise as a result of this context independent ambiguity. The study shows that using the design paradigm and with the use  of Object Role Modeling (ORM) which has a design procedure based on the first order logic can be used as a better alternative  to design schemas. This method is recommended to circumvent the problem software engineering ambiguity rather than Unified Modeling Language (UML). The study also recommends that UML can be used to be the next step in designing the software for the conceptual schema designed in ORM.  A coffee case has been studied and modeled for a real time automation of the craft of coffee roasting to show that a consistent global schema is possible using this method by incorporating schema integration of three models,


    I would like to give many thanks to Professor Kathleen, my DA whose wisdom and patience has made this paper possible. My gratitude also goes to the many wonderful teachers and support group of Liverpool University online. I would like to thank the ORM foundation group, especially Ken Evans for his guidance. My deepest gratitude also goes to Professor Terry Halpin for his comments and correction of the single origin coffee model, and above all his humble and kind heart, in taking the time from his busy schedule to answer my questions...

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  • Mon, Mar 28 2016 19:16 In reply to

    • Ken Evans
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    Re: Thank you

    Hi  Berhanou,

    Well done for getting your Masters Degree.

    The results of your hard work should serve as an inspiration to others.

    Thanks for your comments and kind words. I'm glad I was able to help.



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  • Mon, Mar 28 2016 22:41 In reply to

    Re: Thank you

     Dear Berhanu

     Congratulations on earning your master's degree!

     And thank you for your kind words of appreciation for my support. It was a pleasure discussing ORM with you.

    Kind regards


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