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NORMA for Visual Studio 2022 (and future versions)

Last post Mon, Jan 3 2022 21:09 by Matthew Curland. 3 replies.
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  • Mon, Dec 20 2021 8:57

    • dettner
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    NORMA for Visual Studio 2022 (and future versions)

    Microsoft has released Visual Studio 2022.

    What about NORMA... now and in future versions of VS... Are there any plans?

    Where is the correct place to ask questions like these?

    Best regards, 

  • Tue, Dec 21 2021 22:03 In reply to

    • Ken Evans
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    Re: NORMA for Visual Studio 2022 (and future versions)

     You can ask questions here.

    In 2016, I recruited a small team of volunteers to fix bugs in NORMA. The project resolved about 80 issues which included upgrading NORMA to VS2017 and then to VS2019.

    About three years ago, the team became inactive - mainly because  I contracted a serious illness that put me out of action for a long time. 

    However, the JIRA project is still active so if you know of anyone who would like to help, please let me know.




  • Wed, Dec 22 2021 6:25 In reply to

    Re: NORMA for Visual Studio 2022 (and future versions)


    I'm very close to an official VS2022 version (digitally signed and ready to post to the Visual Studio store). You can see the latest commit at

    Unfortunately there is always something that goes wrong between versions, especially with the 64-bit change for VS2022. The normal registration for external assemblies (code generation and database import) is not working for some reason so I have some additional research to do.

    Anyway, it's a lot closer than it was 2 days ago. Diagrams and all extensions are working fine. I was expecting a full-day task, but I'm physically dragging (positive COVID test this evening explained the lack of energy).

    I'm also planning on releasing 'Per-User' versions to enable installation without admin rights. The only lost functionality is that I can't automatically register all of my xml schema files (there are dozens) with Visual Studio, so if you open an .orm file or a generated file in the XML editor you won't get any IntelliSense help. Instead you'll see a 'Load NORMA Schemas' item on the XML menu. This opens the schema catalogs, and VS automatically resolves schemas from catalogs open in the editor. It isn't perfect, but saves a lot of trouble with admin rights, and the per-user install will also support automatic update, not just automatic download.

    So, hopefully I'll track down the last issue quickly and get updates posted by the end of the year, possibly even before Christmas. This isn't the only thing I'm working on though, just the only thing I'm not getting paid for : )



  • Mon, Jan 3 2022 21:09 In reply to

    Re: NORMA for Visual Studio 2022 (and future versions)

    Quick update:

    The existing and PerUser versions were updated in the Marketplace for VS2019 and VS2017.

    Unfortunately the correspond install files for VS2022 are currently being rejected by the marketplace site with a totally generic error message. I have absolutely no idea what the problem is. 

    I opened a ticket with Microsoft last week and will hopefully get some response now that worker bees are returning after the holidays.

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