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ORM appearance, strategy etc

Last post Fri, Nov 23 2007 8:58 by sparrow. 0 replies.
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  • Fri, Nov 23 2007 8:58

    • sparrow
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    ORM appearance, strategy etc

    Hi everyone in development team
    After going through all the steps from fact-modeling to getting sql-script I found myself quite happy.
    Good job.
    Nevertheless, I am of opinion that there are a few conceptual things that require further thinking through.
    Here are they:
    1.Settings. All ORM settings are better to be in some one place. For example, I treat ORM reference modes as some  kind of settings but at the moment they should be sarched among other tabs. 
    2.Tabs. Two tabs 'Fact editor' and 'New fact editor'are confusing, tab 'ORM Notes Editor' is ambiguous (is it for entire model or for selected object?). 
    3.Relation model and Code generation. The generation strategy itself seems enough complicated.
    I would prefer getting Relational Model on request rather than checking/unchecking some Extention manager options.
    The same way I would prefer to generate any code from my model.
    I would not like to make vb or vs project, add orm file to it, then making some manipulations with the file options which cause code generation. I would like to create some orm project, create any number orm files in it (without additional copying), do relation model or code generation on request for any orm file and make any nessesary settings before code generation in one place.
    4.Reference modes. Sorry, but I cannot realize reference mode measured in kilograms.
    That's enough for today. Good luck on your way.
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