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Filtering in ORM Context and Model Browser windows

Last post Fri, May 23 2008 8:50 by tonysell. 0 replies.
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  • Fri, May 23 2008 8:50

    • tonysell
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    Filtering in ORM Context and Model Browser windows

    One of the models I am working on is quite large and I have been eyeing the posts regarding sub modeling and mappings between separate models with interest.  A feature which would be helpfull in the context of a large model would be the availability to apply a filter to the contents of the "ORM Model Browser" and "ORM Context Window" panes to show only value, entity or both types.  

    In the model browser this would allow for faster navigation through the list at times (the name typing to navigate works nice though).  

    The bigger gain would be in the context window -- at times I want to grab the entity that I have selected in the browser pain and only the other entity types to which it has relationships to drag and drop into the current model page.  The converse is also true where I want only the selected entity and its related value types.  The ability to do these things would help greatly in setting up pages for presention of sub sections of the model.  Currently I have to drag the objects around in the context window until I can easily put a box select around the ones I want.  When an object has many relationships, the context window looks like a huge spider web and is really fanned out.  A control+a select option could be useful too :-). 

    Alternately (or in addition too) would the abiltiy to right click on an object (entity or value type) in the model page and have the option to add related objects.  This could take the form of  "all", "all of one type or the other", or "select" option which would provide a multiselect list of first generation relationships.

     I know this turned into a bit more of a wish list than I intended -- feedback appreciated.


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