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Using Word to spellcheck nORMa diagram text

Last post Thu, Jun 5 2008 15:15 by Brian Nalewajek. 0 replies.
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  • Thu, Jun 5 2008 15:15

    Using Word to spellcheck nORMa diagram text


    A spell-checking system, integrated into an ORM tool would be a very useful feature.  Until that becomes available, spelling errors can be limited by use of MS Word's ability to spell-check the text in images copied from the ORM designer in Visual Studio.  [The following was tested with VS 2005 and Word 2007 - other versions may work as well.]

    • With Word open, RT Click on any open area of the ORM designer in VS
    • Use the context menu Copy Image to copy the contents of the ORM page to the clipboard
    • In Word, paste the image into the open document
    • With the image selected in Word, use the context menu to Edit Image

    At this point, the misspelled words will be designated in the usual manner.  Fortunately, some common usage, such as Employee(.id) will not be marked. Compound names such as CollectiveAgreement(.id) will be marked (whether the individual components are correctly spelled or not).

    This works well for spell-checking the predicate wording of Fact Types (something more easily overlooked than Object Type names).

    The VS Copy Image command saves the image in a way that allows it to be pasted either as a vector or raster graphic.  As Word can accept Vector graphics, the composite vector image structure is preserved.  Choosing Edit Image in Word, makes the component parts (including the text labels), available for manipulation.

    Hope it helps,



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