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Rapid Fact Type Establishment - Richmond

Last post Mon, Jun 16 2008 3:25 by VictorMorgante. 2 replies.
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  • Sun, Jun 8 2008 23:27

    Rapid Fact Type Establishment - Richmond

    Hi all,

    We're working on a thesis within Richmond that is synonymous with the 'Cost Per Click' paradigm found in 'Call Centres'.
    The readily accepted principal is that "each click of the mouse or keystroke costs money/time"; both of which are metrics which are constantly monitored in Call Centres, where time is critical and each click of the mouse is measured in orders of magnitude (depending on the size of the call centre) e.g. '1 click times 500 call centre agents= 500 (say) 1 second per click...that's 500 seconds or 8 1/3 minutes in person/time per click (within an application)'.

    The same paradigm is gaining foothold right across the IT&T spectrum, as evidenced by the abundance of 'code generators', 'reverse engineering tools' etc.
    So, in short, we want a tool that is very easy to use, and quick.

    Here's a sneak preview of 'Rapid Fact Type Establishment' in Richmond....


    Best regds




  • Fri, Jun 13 2008 15:16 In reply to

    • JParrish
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    Re: Rapid Fact Type Establishment - Richmond

    I like it.. it's an enhancement to working with the visual representation.. I do find that making key combinations available for tasks like establishing a fact between selected entities is something worth having. It's tough to beat really good textual fact entry though for speed. Have you considered a keystroke / auto-labeling scheme for being able to quickly throw symbols onto the canvas? Example:  Ctrl+Shift+E for entity, Ctrl+Shift+V for value with names being like EntityType1, EntityType2, ValueType1, etc. That way you wouldn't have to drag things off of a tool surface to rapidly get them on the canvas and it would flow with your concept here.

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  • Mon, Jun 16 2008 3:25 In reply to

    Re: Rapid Fact Type Establishment - Richmond

    Hi John,

    Thanks for the feedback. I wasn't sure at first whether hot keys for EntityTypes/ValueTypes would be a good thing, because we wanted them created within the database first and then just 'dropped' onto the form.

    I have certainly been playing around with it, and it is really quite intuitive and much faster model development. So, the user just hot-keys an EntityType onto the model and puts the relevant details (for the EntityType) in the 'Properties' toolbox.

    Anyway, we've got a new video in the making. Progress has been swift now in some areas, so we have 'zooming and 'panning' (for large models) and 'autoarranging' (if your model becomes a mess). I'll get that out this week.

    Thank you again John. I really appreciate the feedback.
    Our general disclaimer below (...'our lawyers made us do it!!').
    Best regds


    General Disclaimer: Richmond is a commercial product and Viev Pty Ltd does not offer 'reward for suggestion'. Viev does however value feedback greatly and offers beta-testing from time to time to qualified/registered beta-testers. If you do not agree with these terms, please do not offer suggestions to Viev Pty Ltd.

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