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Welcome to the new ORM-LITE forum

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  • Fri, Jan 16 2009 21:26

    • BrianC
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    Welcome to the new ORM-LITE forum

    Scope: This forum is dedicated to sharing ideas about the ORM-LITE modeling tool.

    ORM-LITE is a new, light-weight, open-source ORM tool that implements most of the ORM 2 notation. ORM-LITE was created to help popularize ORM. It is open source software, so it can be shared at no cost. It is completely self contained, so it is easy to install. It is cross-platform, working on Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and Unix. When users are ready to upgrade to an industrial strength tool, NORMA is recommended.

    In addition to ORM2 diagrams, the current release includes an Rmap algorithm, SQL generation, and a relational tables diagram that is automatically created and updated by Rmap. The relational tables diagram provides a concise summary of an ORM model and makes it easier to demonstrate the value of ORM/Rmap.

    Why the ORM community will find it of interest
    Members of the ORM community would like to see a greater demand for ORM. We are promoting ORM by packaging ORM-LITE as an add-in to the GanttPV project scheduling tool. Because GanttPV is downloaded about 100 times per day, this strategy will put an ORM tool into the hands of 100 new project managers each day. As more project managers learn about ORM, more teams will adopt it. ORM-LITE includes a brief introduction to ORM and points users to the ORM Foundation web site for more information.

    ORM-LITE is scriptable. It is hoped that ORM practitioners will be interested in using ORM-LITE to develop and test new ORM related algorithms. For example, the current release contains an implementation of Rmap (the script is included and can be modified as desired); an ORM to UML mapping algorithm is in the works. A programming guide and object map for ORM-LITE are available in the Library.

    ORM-LITE works with the GanttPV Server. This makes it easy to share models among team members. Model changes are tracked and can be shared via the server.

    The current release of ORM LITE is available at or in the library section of this web site.


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