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Custom Tool NuPlixLoader

Last post Thu, Dec 23 2010 12:29 by ganeshkolappan. 3 replies.
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  • Tue, Dec 21 2010 11:17

    Custom Tool NuPlixLoader


    I downloaded Norma for vs 2008 on a XP 64 bit system.

    Created a ORM based on the Lab1 exercise and generated sql server script (works great)

    But when I tried to generate c# code, enabling plix implemenation and plix support, it generated the implementation and support .plix.xml files,

    But not the c# code files. I see warning message mentioning "Cannot findcustom tool 'NUPlixLoader' on this system.

    I couldnt find relevant issue in this forum, can you please help?



  • Wed, Dec 22 2010 6:41 In reply to

    • Ken Evans
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    Re: Custom Tool NuPlixLoader

    Hi Ganesh,

    Sorry for the delay in answering your question.
    I know that Matt is looking into it.
    Have you tried it on a 32 bit system?


  • Wed, Dec 22 2010 20:37 In reply to

    Re: Custom Tool NuPlixLoader

    Hi Ganesh,

    Sorry the delay, I had to coerce the only 64-bit box in the house out away from my daughter to check on this one.

    There may also be some problems in this code gen layer for some patterns. The LinqToSqlAttributeMapping generator also generators C# code on VS2008 (not available on VS2005). However, this should give you errors other than 'Cannot find custom tool...'

    I ran this scenario successfully on that machine, however. A few questions/possibilities to try to track this:

    • Is there any other evidence of PLiX on the system (do you see PLiX Snippet Preview Window in the View/Other Windows submenu?)
    • Is a PLiX schema available (create a new XML file, type (including the space) "<plx:root ", which should expand to "<plx:root xmlns:plx=""" with a recognized schema dropdown open. This should contain if PLiX is installed.
    • Did you possibly have a previous VS2005 installation on this machine? PLiX will install for all VS versions it can find, and a subsequent NORMA setup verification doesn't check that closely if there are registry keys for all VS versions.

    So, my recommendation is to:

    1. Uninstall PLiX, which appears as Neumont PLiX (Programming Language in XML) for Visual Studio in the Add or Remove Programs control panel applet.
    2. Reinstall from the provided PLiX .msi file.
    3. If you don't see the PLiX Snippet Preview Window menu item when you restart, then open a Visual Studio 2008 Command Prompt (on the Start menu with your Visual Studio 2008 install) as an administrator and run devenv /setup.

    If that doesn't fix it then there is something else going on. I've had to adjust numerous batch files in the build system to accomodate 64-bit systems because the HKLM\Software\Microsoft\VisualStudio key moves to HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\VisualStudio when accessed from the command line. However, I haven't seen any problems here for registry keys created by a Setup program.



  • Thu, Dec 23 2010 12:29 In reply to

    Re: Custom Tool NuPlixLoader

    Thank you for the detailed reply.
    I tried your recommendations (step 1 and 2), Reinstalled "Neumont PLiX (Programming Language in XML) for Visual Studio - 2006-05 CTP" plix for visual studio.msi file and I am able to view the plix snippet preview window. I can also generate the abstract.plix.cs files along with the xml file.

    But after the comments in the file, I get

    #error NUPlixLoader Exception line and there is no code after that in implementation and abstract files. support.plix.cs has code in it.

    Any ideas?




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