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How to post a model

Last post Mon, Jan 3 2011 16:44 by Ken Evans. 1 replies.
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  • Mon, Jan 3 2011 14:25

    • JimLudden
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    How to post a model

    I wanted to post a model of "IT Management", but do not have permission to upload files.  Can you give pointers about the mechanism for contributing to this forum that would include:

    • where to put the file 
    • how to upload the file
    • how to link to that file from the forum posting
  • Mon, Jan 3 2011 16:44 In reply to

    • Ken Evans
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    Re: How to post a model

    Hi Jim,

    For security reasons, I have restricted the file upload capability to the admin function.

    If you want to post an image within a Forum message then use the "Options" tab and the "File attachment add/.update"

    If you want to upload a complete object-role model and/or related files then it will go into the Library.

    Where to put it?
    Option 1 is in the "open source models" section. I could create a new subsection called "IT Management"
    Option 2 is to create a new Library section for "Solutions" with a subsection called "IT Management"
    Option 3 is for you to make a suggestion if this does not meet your needs.

    How to upload it?    
    The procedure is for you to send the file to me and I will upload it for you. (After we have agreed on the structure and I have modified the Library)

    How to link to that file from a Forum Posting?
    One option is to just paste the URL from the address bar.
    For example,
    a) here is a link to NORMA for VS 2010:
    b) and here is the same link embedded within the text using the "Insert/Edit link" icon (mouseover the icons to see the popups)  

    It would also help my thoughts on Library restructuring (inter alia) if you tell me what you hope to achieve by posting the file.

    Let me know if you need more.







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