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problem with entity subtyping in NORMA Lab4 with VisualStudio2008

Last post Wed, Mar 23 2011 17:53 by Terry Halpin. 1 replies.
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  • Wed, Mar 23 2011 11:26

    problem with entity subtyping in NORMA Lab4 with VisualStudio2008


     In working through the Lab4 tutorial, I had a little trouble on page 21, where I am supposed to add a subtype definition for MaleEmployee. My Properties window for MaleEmployee (or any other entity) does not seem to have Derivation Rule as one of the items, so I can't add a rule. Please note that this is the first issue I had working from Lab1 through to Lab4, so I think I have been following pretty closely and successfully. I would have thought that once the subtype connector was in place pointing from MaleEmployee to Employee, that Derivation Rule would automatically be added as an item in the Properties window, but this does not seem to be the case.

    I did notice that if I instead select the subtype connector between MaleEmployee and Employee that the Properities window for this connector does have Derivation Rule as an item, and I can add the relationship here. However, then when I select MaleEmployee and look at the Verbalizer Browser, I do NOT see the subtyping verbalized. I also don't see the derivaton rule in the verbalization when I select the subtype connector, though I can see it in the Properties window. Not only does this differ from the tutorial, but it gets more confusing for subtyping FemaleManger later in this lab, where it is supposed to be a subtrpe of both FemaleEmployee and Manager. I am supposed to add one derivation rule for the entity, but again I don't see that as one of the items in the Properties window. If I can only assign derivation rules to the subtype connectors, then I would have to make a seperate derviation rule for each subtype connector rather than a combined rule that is assigned to the FemaleManger entity.

     It may also be important for understanding this issue that though there is a sub-type connector pointing from MaleEmployee to Employee, and that when this connector was added, MaleEmployee no longer had an error indicated by pink shading (suggesting that the subtyping did work), the Verbalizer for MaleEmployee says only "MaleEmployee" in an entity type, i.e. it does not verbalize the info that goes along with Employee.

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  • Wed, Mar 23 2011 17:53 In reply to

    Re: problem with entity subtyping in NORMA Lab4 with VisualStudio2008

    Hi Chris

    Sorry, after I wrote the labs, we changed the UI for subtyping. If you select MaleEmployee and then scroll to the top of the Properties Window you should see a field called "DerivationNote". Please enter your subtype defintion there, and things should then work as expected.

    We are working on a higher version of NORMA that allows you to enter formal derivation rules simply by clicking options, and then we generate code to enforce the derivation rules. In the free public domain version of NORMA, you can only enter derivation rules informally, hence the new term "DerivationNote" instead of "Derivation Rule"

    I will try to find time to update the Labs (at least with respect to subtyping) in the near future.



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