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Generate an ER Diagram from ORM

Last post Wed, Mar 6 2013 12:38 by Matthew Curland. 3 replies.
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  • Mon, Apr 23 2012 2:22

    Generate an ER Diagram from ORM

    Hi... I am just trying out ORM and i created a small model... I was wondering how i could create an ER diagram directly from it.... I can use the Extension manger and get a relational view but no ER... Help would be appreciated.... Thanks
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  • Mon, Apr 23 2012 8:41 In reply to

    • Ken Evans
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    Re: Generate an ER Diagram from ORM

    You can get an ER diagram in the Barker notation by ticking the check box "Barker ER View" in the Extension Manager window.
    This feature is under review and we plan to improve it in the future.

    You can use the Properties sheet (F4) in Relational View to limit the number of features shown in the Relational View. 

    You can use the ORM Designer property sheet (Tools>Options>ORM Designer>General>EntityRelationshipLearningMode>BinaryFactTypeMultiplicityDisplay) to switch the ORM diagram display between:  "Off", "Crows foot Only",   "Barker", and "Information Engineering".

    Hope this helps.


  • Wed, Mar 6 2013 4:50 In reply to

    • nekonjames
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    Re: Generate an ER Diagram from ORM

    Subtype not properly map when converting to Baker ER. for instance Teaching and None-Teaching Staff are subtype of Staff. model well in ORM, instead of Teaching and None Teaching Staff to come inside staff, they stood on their on when generating Baker ER frm ORM

  • Wed, Mar 6 2013 12:38 In reply to

    Re: Generate an ER Diagram from ORM


    The Barker view is extremely preliminary and has a number of issues. I have a much more advanced version of this that was an extension of this project and addresses additional ER concepts such as Euler-diagram display of subtypes. The extension works well on small diagrams, but unfortunately is sufficiently slow on larger models that I can't release it until the performance issues are addressed. I'm not talking about a minor slowdown on load, but several hours doing shape and line layout on a model that generates ~50 relational tables.

    To be honest, addressing this is not on my list in the next year, but is something I want to get running better once some core pieces are in place. I might try some experiments to see if cutting the feature set back (for example, the new version generates numerous diagram notes for items expressed in ORM that are not directly expressible in ER) brings the layout back to an acceptable level. Theoretically it shouldn't be slower than laying out the relational view.


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