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  • Spanning Role Value Constraint

    May a value constraint span multiple roles in ORM? &nbsp;Examples in the &quot;Big Brown Book&quot; seem to cover only one role. &nbsp;Consider the below example. &nbsp;If the example constraint is invalid, might an alternative be to objectify the spanned roles and then apply a value constraint to the objectified type? Best, Matt&nbsp; &nbsp;
    Posted to ORM Techniques (Forum) by Matt Nizol on Wed, Mar 26 2014
  • Re: Population validation on a join subset constraint

    Does any tool (separate from NORMA) exist to check whether a sample population satisfies all constraints in an ORM model? Thanks, Matt
    Posted to NORMA (Forum) by Matt Nizol on Wed, Feb 12 2014
  • Specifying a Join Path for an External Uniqueness Constraint

    Hello, Is it possible in the latest version of NORMA for VS 2008 to specify a join path for an external uniqueness constraint? The below model produces the following error: &quot;Constraint &#39;ExternalUniquenessConstraint1&#39; in model &#39;ORMModel1&#39; requires a join path&quot;. I would like to join along the &quot;A rolls up to ...
    Posted to NORMA (Forum) by Matt Nizol on Wed, Oct 2 2013
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