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  • ORM Standards

    &nbsp;The first ever ORM Standards documents are now available for download from the library. &nbsp;Editors: Terry Halpin and Enrico Franconi. Contributors: Jan Hidders, Alessandro Mosca, Francesco Sportelli These important documents show the relationship between the ORM visual language and first order logic. All comments are welcome. You can ...
    Posted to ORM Standards (Forum) by Ken Evans on Thu, Mar 12 2020
  • ORM Normative Abstract Syntax and Semantics: non-normative glossary

    This&nbsp;document uses examples to summarize the abstract syntax of the main graphical symbols used in ORM. The core ORM concepts are formally defined in the companion document &quot;ORM Abstract Syntax and Semantics: normative specifications. &nbsp; Editors: Terry Halpin &amp; Enrico Franconi &nbsp;This document is a Proposed Recommendation. ...
    Posted to ORM Standards (FileGallery) by Ken Evans on Thu, Mar 12 2020
  • ORM Syntax and Semantics Specification

    &nbsp;This document contains a formal definition of the core ORM concepts. &nbsp; &nbsp;It is the central ORM normative abstract syntax and semantics specification . &nbsp;Editors: Terry Halpin &amp; Enrico Franconi The companion document &quot;ORM abstract syntax and semantics:non-normative glossary&quot; uses examples to show a summary of ...
    Posted to ORM Standards (FileGallery) by Ken Evans on Thu, Mar 12 2020
  • Re: Visual Studio 2015 Community "or above"?

    Hi Matt, Well done for publishing your &quot;official&quot; version of NORMA for Visual Studio 2019. Unfortunately, your VS2019 version still has the same long list of unresolved bugs (40+)&nbsp; that are still present in your VS2015 version and in earlier versions. Even worse, my tests show that your VS2019 version has also introduced new bugs ...
    Posted to Technical support (Forum) by Ken Evans on Wed, Apr 24 2019
  • Re: Multiple Schemas

    &nbsp;Hi Pete, Not sure exactly what you mean by &quot;multiple schemas&quot;. &quot;Splitting a large model&quot; sounds like a solution to an unstated problem. Please clarify by giving more information on the problem that you are trying to solve. What is it that you cannot do by spreading your model over multiple pages? &nbsp; FYI, this is a ...
    Posted to Open Discussion & Feature Requests (Forum) by Ken Evans on Tue, Mar 5 2019
  • Re: Export ORM diagrams in UML

    &nbsp;It seems that you may have misread the diagram on page 41 of the Lab1 ppt slides. The line from OIAL to UML is a dotted line and the legend explains that this means &quot;early development&quot;. Sorry, but the ability to generate UML has not been implemented in NORMA.
    Posted to NORMA (Forum) by Ken Evans on Wed, Jan 30 2019
  • Re: Urgent and Important: How to save ORM diagram as .sql

    &nbsp;This short video shows you how to generate SQL from an object-role model in NORMA. Let us know if you have any other questions. Ken&nbsp;
    Posted to NORMA (Forum) by Ken Evans on Wed, Jan 2 2019
  • Re: NORMA

    Visual Studio Code is a code editor. Visual Studio is an integrated development environment.(IDE) NORMA is designed as an extension to the Visual Studio IDE and makes use of Visual Studio features that are probably not in Visual Studio Code. &nbsp;So,you could probably edit the NORMA source code in Visual Studio Code but you wont be able to ...
    Posted to NORMA (Forum) by Ken Evans on Thu, Dec 20 2018
  • Re: NORMA

    The NORMA software is an extension to Visual Studio.&nbsp; NORMA will run with Community, Professional or Enterprise editions. As shown on this page, NORMA runs in versions of Visual Studio from 2005 to 2017. There are several versions of Visual Studio that run on Mac&#39;s so NORMA may be able to run on a Mac.&nbsp; However,&nbsp; I have never ...
    Posted to NORMA (Forum) by Ken Evans on Thu, Dec 13 2018
  • Re: Relational Mapping Algorithm - is it OK?

    &nbsp;Hi Nicola, Thanks for your update. Here are some comments for clarification. 1: Terry may take a while to reply because his time zone is currently 10 hours ahead of yours and 11 hours ahead of mine (I&#39;m in the UK) 2: When I want to post more than one image in a message, I use the &quot;combine images&quot; feature that was recently ...
    Posted to ORM Techniques (Forum) by Ken Evans on Fri, Nov 2 2018
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