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  • RE: Documentation and How-To

    I'm stuck at the point where your proposed documentation of how to create a relational schema. I've asked the question (received answers and been successful) many times. Clearly the UI is not idiot-proof (and I'm the one to test this). I have a relational schema in the ORM Model Browser, but cannot view it. Why is this step so difficult? Why ...
    Posted to Open Discussion & Feature Requests (Forum) by Jim on Fri, Feb 8 2008
  • RE: DDL for External Constraints?

    Can you share the .ORM file with us so that we can get more details?
    Posted to Technical support (Forum) by Jim on Thu, Jan 24 2008
  • RE: Install

    I'm running Vista Enterprise, SP1, v.667 (not yet publicly available). I did get NORMA to install, and it works fine. not quite certain why I had trouble the first time. It appears to me that the Relationship View is smoother - but I only used it once previously. Now that a VS 2008 install script is available I should try that. We have VS ...
    Posted to Technical support (Forum) by Jim on Wed, Dec 12 2007
  • RE: Install

    My apologies. I get so impatient. Third try appears to have worked. :)
    Posted to Technical support (Forum) by Jim on Tue, Dec 11 2007
  • Install

    Trying to install NORMA_VS-2007-11CTP.VS2005 On Vista SP1 (RTM) Batch job starts, requests Admin control. Microsoft DSL is installed Neither Neumont PLIX nor Newmont NORMA appear to install. Task Manager does not appear to show any related activity. I uninstalled NORMA and Microsoft DSL manually prior to starting the install. Any ...
    Posted to Technical support (Forum) by Jim on Tue, Dec 11 2007
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