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  • Re: RDF and OWL and Visual OWL

    As a user of ORM as well as OWL and numerous databases.  I view ORM as the analysis tool of choice and OWL and databases as deployment options for expressing the logical structures that are captured and verified in ORM.  Each deployment option has features and drawbacks and the choice depends, at least in part, on the purpose of the ...
    Posted to RDF & OWL & OCL (Forum) by jfjones on Wed, Mar 9 2016
  • Re: Fact Type Names

     Matt, Thanks for the explanation.  The reason for asking this question is that we are modeling data that will eventually be implemented as an Oracle database.  We are required to deliver the Logical data model in ERWin despite our arguments that ERWin was unnecessary.  To do that we generate the schema in the from of ...
    Posted to Issues (Forum) by jfjones on Wed, Jul 2 2014
  • Fact Type Names

    I have a fact type and would like to change its name.  Unfortunately, the name is not editable.  The helpful fact related to fact type names says that they may be editable or read only.  Since in other models, the names have been editable, I assume that I have inadvertently changed a setting that makes the name read only.  Can ...
    Posted to Issues (Forum) by jfjones on Sun, Jun 29 2014
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