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  • Re: ORM for a WFF?

    Hi JP, There's a text book I found that's accessible and pretty comprehensive - though you may find it light on FOL. My preference is for readablity; this is better in that way than others I've seen. I don't take in symbolic expression as well as many here - don't think in those terms...
    Posted to Philosophy (Forum) by Brian Nalewajek on Sat, Jun 7 2008
  • Re: Literature

    I'd simply suggest the name "Literature" or "Books". Altough I agree that most of the discussions will be most likely on Terry Halpins new book, there should be room to discuss other books as well. I'm sure that there is literature that might not be solely, or not at all,...
    Posted to Request a topic (Forum) by Jos Bol on Mon, Mar 10 2008
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