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  • ORM Solutions' ORM Viewer

    Hello all, here's my scenario: I have a bunch of ORM models stashed in a private Github repository, and I need a tool that grabs them, turns them into .jpg files (or some other image file format), and downloads them onto my computer. Can ORM Solutions' ORM viewer be configured to access non-public...
    Posted to Other Tools (Forum) by RedeemerOfSouls on Thu, Apr 1 2021
  • Re: Norma for vs2012

    Matt, Has any thought been given to becoming an extension to Sparx Enterprise Architect? EA 9 provides a much richer actor, event, and process model which could be leveraged within an ORM model, extending the already extensive database reverse and forward engineering capabilities of the tool. There's...
  • Notes feature requests

    Hi, I use the notes feature quite a bit and would like to see the Model Note Connector point to a specific role, a junction between a role and a role connector, a manatory constraint, or any of the uniqueness constraints. The reason is because its a good way to describe to a Shmeeeee (SME) what going...
    Posted to Open Discussion & Feature Requests (Forum) by mnnoon on Wed, Jun 13 2012
  • tkz-orm - a new way to draw ORM2 diagrams with TikZ instead of NORMA

    I have released tkz-orm, a LaTeX package to draw ORM2 diagrams by using the TikZ package. See here for an example and here for the documentation . You need the CVS version of TikZ in order to use tkz-orm (a build is available at texamples ). The full package is free software / open source, so you don't...
    Posted to Other Tools (Forum) by jakob.voss on Tue, Apr 6 2010
  • On FKs and Subtype PKs

    Hi all, This post was already answered by Matthew Curland (I'm including his answer as a reply below), I'm posting it again as a reference in case someone else has the same issue. ---- In the diagrams below, note the two " Id " columns in table División : Id1 and Id2 . d2 is a FK to...
  • Context Window inconsistent and crashes

    I really like the context window, because it shows the full context, not just what is in my current page. I cannot consistently get the context window to display the selected object. I select the object in the ORM Model Browser or in the diagram, doesn't matter. When I select an object, the context...
    Posted to Technical support (Forum) by JimLudden on Wed, Mar 18 2009
  • Inconsistent 'Select on Diagram'

    Lately I have seen that an Object type that appears on several pages of my model will have the required shadow, but when I right-click to find its occurence on other diagrams the 'Select on Diagram' option is not available. On these occasions 'Select on Diagram' is available from the...
    Posted to Technical support (Forum) by JimLudden on Wed, Sep 17 2008
  • Select by Shift-Click

    I sometimes have occasion to select a number of icons. The mouse works well much of the time. However, I would like to use the Shift-Click method of adding or removing individual icons from the set of selected icons. (Consider this a feature request.)
    Posted to Open Discussion & Feature Requests (Forum) by JimLudden on Wed, Sep 17 2008
  • Highlight "Select on Diagram"

    When I have a relatively large diagram (>30 icons) and I wish to find a particular object (or fact) I use the "Select on Diagram" menu item. However, the selected icon is sometimes quite hard to find. Could you use color to identify the selected icon in this situation?
    Posted to Open Discussion & Feature Requests (Forum) by JimLudden on Wed, Sep 17 2008
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