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  • Re: ORM2 Exchange Language

    Jakob, BrianC (and others), My ActiveFacts project has produced: A metamodel in ORM2 which is capable of fully(*) representing ORM2 (and more - like units support, multiple overlapping models, multiple natural languages for the same model, reference populations as well as an example one, join constraints...
    Posted to Other Tools (Forum) by Anonymous on Sun, Jan 11 2009
  • A new tool, the Constellation Query Language

    Folk, Some of you know that I am working on an implementation of a structured-text language in the ORM/SBVR family. After more than a year of work, I'd like to report some recent milestones. The CQL Data Definition Language is complete but for most external constraints, which I'm working on completing...
    Posted to Other Tools (Forum) by Anonymous on Fri, Jul 18 2008
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