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  • jOOQ on The ORM Foundation?

    Hello, I am the developer of jOOQ, a Java database abstraction framework. I was wondering whether jOOQ might be an interesting tool for discussion on your website, even if it is not exactly an ORM in the classic meaning (as in mapping objects to the relational world > ORM). Instead, jOOQ uses a reverse...
    Posted to Other Tools (Forum) by lukas.eder on Mon, Jun 6 2011
  • ORM & Relational Databases Surrendering to Scalable Non-Relational DB's

    I recently started learning about ORM through Terry's book Information Modeling and Relational Databases (2e). It's a great resource and really satisfies my craving for sound logical structure in database modeling. On to the question: In a small start-up business I work with, we are creating...
    Posted to User experience (Forum) by tralston on Tue, Sep 21 2010
  • VisioModeler Fix for Win 7 and Vista

    This is a re-post from an IT education list I belong to. I tested it and it solved my problem. VisioModeler does not work in Windows 7 and Vista, however there is a fix. 1. Download and install VisioModeler from:
    Posted to Other Tools (Forum) by David on Thu, Jul 29 2010
  • Corrupt ORM file

    When I try to load one of my ORM files (or the solution that uses that file) I get the following message: Cannot load '...\IT_Management.orm':'.', hexadecimal vaue 00x0, is an invalid character. Line 7454, position 1. When viewed as XML it indeed looks bad, but I'm not smart enough...
    Posted to Technical support (Forum) by JimLudden on Tue, Feb 2 2010
  • Re: ORM2 Exchange Language

    Jakob, BrianC (and others), My ActiveFacts project has produced: A metamodel in ORM2 which is capable of fully(*) representing ORM2 (and more - like units support, multiple overlapping models, multiple natural languages for the same model, reference populations as well as an example one, join constraints...
    Posted to Other Tools (Forum) by Anonymous on Sun, Jan 11 2009
  • A new tool, the Constellation Query Language

    Folk, Some of you know that I am working on an implementation of a structured-text language in the ORM/SBVR family. After more than a year of work, I'd like to report some recent milestones. The CQL Data Definition Language is complete but for most external constraints, which I'm working on completing...
    Posted to Other Tools (Forum) by Anonymous on Fri, Jul 18 2008
  • Re: ORM for a WFF?

    Thank you everyone for the replies. I think from the suggestions I have enough reading to do for the rest of the year and then some! I will definitely be looking at the nORMa meta model and I will look at some of the papers on the brcommunity site. While my current "rule engine" project isn't...
    Posted to Philosophy (Forum) by JParrish on Tue, Jun 10 2008
  • Re: ORM for a WFF?

    Thanks for the additional information Ken. Victor.. I can’t race you.. my finish line keeps moving all over the place! ;) The subject is overwhelming. I am moving along I think with some limited knowledge.. I have a question relating to binary predicates and sets for anyone willing to entertain it. My...
    Posted to Philosophy (Forum) by JParrish on Mon, Jun 9 2008
  • Re: ORM for a WFF?

    Brian, The book title "Introduction To Logic" got me digging through a series of books on mathematics that I had aquired five or six years ago.. and I found the single book I had bought on logic.. called "Introduction To Logic - And To The Methodology of Deductive Sciences". If only...
    Posted to Philosophy (Forum) by JParrish on Sun, Jun 8 2008
  • Re: ORM for a WFF?

    Thanks Brian and Ken. Brian, I will definately try to put some ORM fragments together as I begin to understand where to start.. at this point I am trying to understand based on my goals, which system of logic I should be concentrating on. I first found propositional logic, but in reading today I have...
    Posted to Philosophy (Forum) by JParrish on Sat, Jun 7 2008
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