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  • Importing Model from Access

    I am just getting to know NORMA (having used Visio Modeler a long time ago) and so far: A) Installed NORMA in VS 2019 (CE) and completed the Tutorial. B) Imported a complex model from an SQL server (Express)DB with no errors. C) Had several failures trying to import Access databases running in Access...
    Posted to Technical support (Forum) by Senachie on Tue, Jun 14 2022
  • DB Import Error

    Hey guys, I am trying to use the DB Import function to look at an existing database schema. I do the following: Go to File > New File and select Object-Role Modeling (DB Import) fromt he General category Choose Microsoft SQL Server as the Data Source with .NET Framework Data Provider for SQL Server...
    Posted to Technical support (Forum) by ryanelkins on Tue, Sep 22 2009
  • Database Import Changes Schema

    I'm trying to get to the point where I can create a model through database import, modify it by fixing up readings and names, then save it back out and have no schema changes. Eventually, I'd be able to make my modifications to the conceptual model, and use the resulting schema. To start with...
    Posted to Technical support (Forum) by Anonymous on Sun, May 31 2009
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